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A year ago, I was able to go as a volunteer with SAM Ministries to Mozambique from Sept 30-Nov 29, fulfilling a dream that had been put on hold as a result of cancer. I am thankful to God for good health and being cancer free for nearly 5 years. This brings great joy and I am closing that chapter and moving on!

As Child Sponsorship Coordinator, my responsibility will be overseeing the program including administration, promotion and expansion. Plans are for me to spend half the year in Mozambique and Brazil, working hands-on with the program and the other half in Canada promoting the program and the mission. It’s the beginning of a whole new ADVENTURE for me!

I have served with SAM Ministries for many years as a child sponsor, volunteer in the office, and as a member of the Board of Directors here in Canada. However, serving as the child sponsorship coordinator and working with children is a life-long dream coming true for me. My plans are to spend 3 months in Brazil to start learning Portuguese and become more familiar with the sponsorship program there; I would leave in March 2014. Both Mozambique and Brazil speak Portuguese, so language study is an important part of my ministry.

I invite you to partner with me in this new adventure! You have blessed me with your love, support and encouragement as I’ve faced difficult challenges in the past years. In taking this new step into fulltime ministry, I ask for your prayer support. As we stand together in prayer, God works with us in the journey, in the difficulties and joys and accomplishes His divine will. I’ve learned He is faithful and never leaves us. As well, would you consider supporting me financially? I need to raise a monthly support base of $4500.00 to cover personal and ministry costs. I also need approximately $8500.00 to cover initial onetime costs involved for plane ticket, visas, etc.

If you have any questions or would like more details…feel free to contact me!

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  1. Ruth Trekofski /

    Hi Janette … what a nice Web-page. You did a fine job. We encourage you to put your hand to the plough, put your trust in the Lord and go forward. He that has called will always be faithful.

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