Things Are Getting More Real…

Who would’ve thought a bunch of papers, a not great picture and a Xpresspost envelope could be so exciting?!

Today I mailed my visa application to the Consulate General of Brazil in Vancouver. It was a whole lot of paperwork, a little intimidating at times and the most involved process I’ve experienced in getting a visa. With some wonderful help along the way I was able to put that very important Xpresspost envelope in the mail! I experienced two very different emotions…joy to finally complete the requirements and trepidation at the thought of mailing my passport away and hoping everything was done right. Now I just have to wait…and I have all the tracking numbers so I can follow along and see where things are at. I think I’ll just try to forget about it for a few days though…
Oh and then I’ll start tracking and begin anticipating the arrival of another Xpresspost envelope addressed in my handwriting to arrive in the mail…with that not so great picture of me in my passport! Please pray this process goes smoothly & quickly!

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  1. Lynn /

    We will be praying that this process goes without a hitch. Brazil visas are always so fun 🙂 Love this site too! Congrats. I’m curious to know what platform it is, of course.

    1. Janette / Post Author

      Thank you for your prayers. Now that I’ve done this once…next time I’ll know the drill and it won’t be so intimidating!
      This is a wordpress blog that Darrel set up for me on the domain I bought. I love it…it’s really easy to use. I also have a WordPress app on my iPhone and iPad so I can easily take pics, videos, etc and blog them right away.

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