Spending time with all my “children”…

Last week Friday and also yesterday I was privileged to spend time with all my Mozambican children! No…I wasn’t magically transported to Mozambique, where it’s nice and warm and there isn’t a single snowflake in sight! I was sitting in the SAMM office right here in cold, snowy Edmonton getting all their new pictures & letters ready to send out to the sponsors.

20140114-205528.jpgIt’s a fairly involved process (one that I hope to change and make more efficient before next time) which requires lots of lists, hours in front of the computer, sometimes fighting with printers, mastering the “exact” science of cutting with a paper cutter and most importantly matching each child’s picture with the correct letter and then the correct sponsor! Just some of the many steps required to put each package together.


20140114-210723.jpg I helped put them together last year as well…and this year it took even longer! For good reasons though…more children have been sponsored (Yeah!) and now I know so many of the children! This meant I’d have to stop and tell Patti a story about them and what a character they are, how sweet they are or how they always followed me around wanting to hold my hand.
Seeing all their faces brought back so many wonderful memories. It also brings me so much joy knowing that because of so many giving, caring people they have a chance to experience God’s love and hope for a better future. A wonderful reminder of why I’m making all these changes in my life and working hard to learn Portuguese! It’s coming slowly…for those of you who were wondering. My heart is filled with love for them and I can’t wait to see them all again soon!

Of course I made sure to print all 4 of my children on the same page (saved me a few cuts with the paper cutter!). The picture above is of the children I sponsor and the letters they did for me! I was blessed to get to meet two of them when I was in Mozambique in 2012…the ones I didn’t meet…Lord-willing I’ll meet later this year! And then I’ll really get to spend the day with my “children”….complete with the heat, flip flops and famous red dirt of Mozambique!

In the meantime…I’ll enjoy the beauty of winter!

20140115-161006.jpgA new day is dawning in my life and I’m filled with excitement and anticipation!
This beautiful sunrise picture was taken by my mom, but I just had to share it. As I see it I’m stuck again with the wonder that God’s mercies are new every morning…great is Thy faithfulness. Knowing this gives me the to courage to keep moving forward!

THANK YOU to everyone who has partnered with me financially and in prayer. I’m overwhelmed by your love and support. I’m happy to report all my initial onetime costs are completely covered and my monthly support base is growing. I have a ways to go with the monthly support, but little by little it’s building.

Please pray:
* For my visa and travel plans for Brazil to come together smoothly
* That I will be able to learn Portuguese
* For wisdom and direction each day
* That God would continue to provide everything that I need
* Continued health and strength

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  1. Maggie /

    Such a joy to see you doing this Janette…. children are so precious to Jesus!!

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