Exciting week – visa and plane ticket!


This week that lovely Xpresspost envelope addressed to me with my writing..showed up in the mail. I knew it was coming because I’d been tracking it, but opening the mailbox and seeing it there…priceless! I couldn’t wait to tear into it and see my visa for Brazil. Much to my delight…the on page 15 of my passport was a 5 year multiple entry visa! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of myself that I love so much. Another step complete…with the next one being a plane ticket. I got that booked and paid for yesterday…so now it’s official. I leave for Brazil March 2nd and return May 30th. It’s feeling more real all the time…and March 2nd isn’t very far away! I’m thankful to have the pieces coming together. I’ve been trying to spend at least an hour if not more working on Portuguese each day…so I have Portuguese words running through my head all the time now! I don’t have a huge vocabulary yet….but it’s coming…

Brazil here I come!! Only 38 days!!

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    Very cool!

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