The Countdown for Brazil is on…10…9…8…7…

My excitement is building as the days are counting down and (thankfully) the “To Do” list is shrinking! Most days this still doesn’t really seem real…a new adventure is about to begin. March always seemed so far and now it is only 7 days away!! The last few weeks have been a fury of taking care of details, buying those last minute things, doctors appointments for shots & medications and my favorite thing…spending time with friends and family. I’ve enjoyed weekends away in Red Deer and Camrose, numerous other visits and a Family Day spent with my parents and brother, Tim. We enjoyed watching the Oil Kings hockey game…they won 12-0! Lots of cheering and high fives! In the midst of the trip preparations, I’ve had all kinds of reminders of the amazing people I have in my life. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

20140222-132559.jpg (Picture above – my brother, Tim and I)

This coming week (my last week of winter…Yahoo!!) there’s lots going on as well. I have a going-away party with the girls from work, a SAM Ministries board meeting, a 6 month check-up at the Cross Cancer (possibly my LAST one!!), dinner with friends, whatever else I can fit in and of course…PACKING! I’ve begun the gathering process and my room looks like neatly organized chaos complete with 2 large suitcases open on the floor. The questions are can I fit it all in and do I have everything I need?? I’m sure those two questions will be a constant theme for me throughout the week or at least until I check in my luggage at the airport and then there’s nothing I can do about it! Knowing me I’ll still be packing Saturday night…that’s just how I roll!


Lots of people have been asking me, “Are you ready?” I think I’m as ready as I can be, all my varied life experiences over the years have taught me a lot and to be standing on the edge of a lifelong dream is pretty incredible. I can’t wait for it to begin…let’s just get on the plane already! That being said I don’t know if you ever FEEL ready especially when almost everything ahead of you is unknown, but that’s what makes it an ADVENTURE! It’s wonderful to know God is with me no matter what happens…that gives me so much strength, peace, confidence and joy moving forward.

      Please continue to keep me in your prayers:

* This week that everything will go well with all the final preparations and especially my appointment at the Cross Cancer for peace and strength. Those appointment days are hard, but it’s one step closer to being done.

* That all will go well with traveling, flights, luggage arriving, etc.

* In the weeks to come that the transition and adjusting to learning Portuguese and life in Brazil will go well. And most of all that I will be a blessing to the mission and the people I meet.

I will do my best to keep you updated on everything right here…so follow along and enjoy the journey with me!


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  1. Dad /

    Hey, I really enjoyed reading your blog post. We are excited with you. Couldn’t help crying as I read it. God truly is GOOD! and FAITHFUL to His promises and His will.
    I know that He is with you and you will be in His constant care. So I’m not worried but I will pray everyday for you! All my love, Dad

    1. Janette / Post Author

      Thank you, Dad! I appreciate all your love and support. It is an blessing to know you will be praying for me each day. Love you!

  2. Walter /

    Janette, it was a pleasure to hear your story yesterday in Church and being able to pray for you. Thank-you for being one of God’s inspirational leaders. If you ever need any help telling and sharing the stories of your journey, please ask, it’s what I do. Safe travels…

    1. Janette / Post Author

      Hi Walter, Thank you for your offer. It’s always good know people who have expertise in different areas. I will definitely keep you in mind for that. Blessings to you!

  3. Arthur & Gladie /

    We are so proud of you and we will be praying for you.

    1. Janette / Post Author

      Thank you Arthur and Gladie!

  4. Yolande /

    So excited for your journey to begin! God is truly faithful and GOOD! His plans always have perfect timing! You’re free now to serve Him and allow Him to work through you! Dance with your King! Bless you and can’t wait to read what’s happening there in Brazil! Love you lots

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