Goodbye (Tchau) Winter!

Wow…the last few days in Alberta were sure cold! Winter was definitely reminding me of how cold it can be. This picture was taken the on the drive to the airport this morning.


I have to say it was nice to get on a plane headed to Los Angeles this morning. And Los Angeles didn’t disappoint…it’s kinda cloudy, but it’s a lot warmer than -30C! It was nice to walk outside in the sunshine between terminals…in my short sleeves. Ok…I’ll stop rubbing it in!

The first leg of the trip has gone well. Only one little glitch… in Edmonton they weren’t able to check my bags all the way through to Curitiba. So I’m not sure how that is going to be when I get to São Paulo…please pray it all works out smoothly. I was able to get my boarding pass here in LA, but they couldn’t recheck my luggage through to Curitiba. I guess we’ll just see how it goes when we get there. Thankfully I’ll have Earl & Ruth Trekofski (founders of the mission in Brazil) with me then if there are any problems and they speak Portuguese! Now I’m hanging out in the airport waiting for them to arrive from Kelowna…watching people and relaxing before we start the next leg. The flight doesn’t leave until 10:45pm so by then I’ll be ready for a sleep…and I’ll have 11 hours and 45 mins on the plane to do it. Not much news to report at this point!

I’m thankful to be on the way….I’ll check in and let you know I’ve arrived as soon as I have the opportunity and more importantly the Internet access!

Here’s some random musings:

While I’m waiting I’ve had lots of time to think…about change, saying goodbye…and then saying hello somewhere else. Starting today almost everything in my life is changing…the temperature is only one very obvious way! I don’t know about you but change (as much as I love it!) isn’t always easy for me, but in order to grow, move forward experience different things… I need change. So why is it hard sometimes?! I think because it often causes us pain, discomfort and uncertainty. It pushes us outside of the familiar and where we feel the most comfortable…but it’s out there we experience new, fresh things. I’ve also found in my life God uses change to put me in a place where I need Him more. He does His best work when we’re in those places! So I’m really anticipating the good things all this change is going to bring in my life…I’m energized by the thought of being able to make a difference…and I draw courage from the fact God is with me. After all the goodbyes the last few days…I look forward to all the hellos of the days ahead and all the other changes of course!


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  1. Rebekah Gilbert /

    Hoping the rest of your journey continued in uneventful fashion.
    Thinking of you as we continue to shiver!

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