Ola Brazil!

I’m sitting and typing this blog (while still half listening the the conversation going on), because my head needs a break! The immersion into Portuguese has begun…and my brain is just going trying to figure out what’s being said with my limited vocabulary and my Portuguese phrase book/dictionary. I pick up a couple words here and there, but just listening I’m getting a good feel for how words should sound. Next is to actually figure out what they all mean…and say them myself.

Yesterday at 9pm Brazil time, we finally arrived in Curitiba…along with all our luggage! (Yeah!) The trip went pretty good. I had 2 empty seats next to me on the flight from Los Angeles to São Paulo so I was able to stretch out & get a few hours of sleep. The only little hiccup was in São Paulo, when it took forever for our luggage to come and we missed our flight to Curitiba. But what is a trip without a little added adventure! Thankfully Earl and Ruth speak Portuguese, so after going to one airline office and then the next…we were able to get on the next flight out at 7:55 pm, so it was only a few hours added to the trip.

A friend of Earl and Ruth picked us up at the airport…and then next adventure was fitting 4 people and all our luggage in a mid-sized car! But where there’s a will there’s a way…Earl and I sat in the back with a suitcase between us, one on Earl’s lap and another bag at my feet…if it wasn’t dark I would’ve got a picture! After a short drive we arrived at our hosts home…they had supper waiting for us and two beautiful rooms ready for us to stay in. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be finished traveling, eat a proper meal, wash up and go to bed. Ahhh…sweet sleep! I put in my earplugs and was out until 7:30am this morning! The time difference is 4 hours…so it was only 3:30am my time…so I rolled over and went back to sleep for a few more hours. You feel like a whole new person after a good nights sleep and a hot shower.

Today we’re having a relaxing day, visiting (well let’s be honest…they’re visiting and I’m trying to figure out what they’re talking about!) and resting. Tomorrow we’ll head to the mission base in Itaperucu, my home for the next 3 months. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Brazil in the daylight and also seeing where I’ll be and getting settled.

Boa noite!

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  1. Kelly Stoski /

    Yay!! Safe and sound! I look forward to following your blog and trying to stay even a little bit connected. Miss you already!

  2. Susanne Wiens /

    So good to hear you and all your luggage arrived safely and that there was a warm meal and bed waiting for you. What a blessing!
    Love and prayers, Suse

  3. Fred Sesma /

    So awesome and fun. What a blessing you are. What a blessing that you are able to do these trips. Although I don’t always post. I read all your post. Keep it up. I’ll keep praying for you and you’re good works.

    1. Janette / Post Author

      Thank you, Fred. One of these days I’m going get to see you again.

  4. Jen DeJong /

    That is so good to hear Janette! I’m sure it’s strange listening to conversations, but I can’t wait to hear about how much you learn 🙂 <3 from the DeJong's!!

  5. Lynn /

    It’s a real mental exercise that listening to another language and trying to learn it. Hang in there, it will come and you will be falando in no time and you’ll never look back! Looking forward to the posts to come.

    1. Janette / Post Author

      Thank you for the encouragement, Lynn! I look forward to the day when there’s no looking back! 🙂

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