There’s No Place Like Home!

We arrived in Itaperucu yesterday evening at the Mount Horeb mission base. Abel, one of the main people here at the mission gave us a tour of the school and was excited to show us all the changes and improvements that they have been making. It was wonderful to see! I really appreciate his heart for the mission here…it came through so clearly even though I could only understand a few words here and there! Earl and Ruth filled in some details for me every once in awhile along the way. The best part of yesterday was just being “home”…my home for the time I’m here in Brazil. The apartment we’re staying is right on the mission base in the same building as the office. On a side note…It’s a busy place (395 children are registered in the school) I found out early this morning when school started! Anyways…It felt good to unpack and get settled in! Ruth and I are already making plans of how we can clean up and improve the little apartment here…and possibly rearrange the furniture! I think we’re going to make a great team. Of course, Earl (aka Mr Fix-it) immediately began taking apart a light that wasn’t working to try to fix it… All of us feeling at home!

Here’s a few pictures of our home:

The welcome mat outside our door!

From outside you come right into the kitchen/dining area…

Down the hall first room on the right is mine…

Looking back up the hall towards the kitchen…that’s the door to my room on the left. We get the best signal for the wifi in the hall so that’s why the chairs are there!

In the back part of the apartment are to bathrooms with showers…one other bedroom (not pictured) basically rounds out the place we’re calling home!

I’m thankful to have this place to call home!

Today Ruth and I ventured out to “downtown” Itaperucu, a city of approx. 25,000 people. However there are no traffic lights to be seen! Kinda crazy driving around…but give me a few weeks and I’ll be doing it. I figured today…being blonde, with white skin, blue eyes and only speaking English was enough of a statement! I forgot what it’s like to really stand out. 🙂 It was fun to see what’s available in the different stores and we were able to get the things we needed. Tonight I hope to get a good sleep…my schedule still feels a little messed up…so a good night sleep would be wonderful. All the joys of adjusting to change…I love the adventure and look forward to what tomorrow holds.

Thank you for your continued prayer with making this transition and learning the language. My new favorite word is Ajuda!! (It’s Help! in Portuguese) I’ve said it a lot to Ruth and Earl today…they just laugh. 🙂

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  1. Ann Ranger /

    I am happy to see you are in such a spacious place. It looks great! Had to laugh that you didn’t take the top bunk!

    1. Janette / Post Author

      I’m not a top bunk kinda girl…and there’s a window I can open and get a nice breeze right above the bed I chose!

  2. Patti Nelson /

    Very fun to read your first blog post from Brazil Janette I quite enjoyed it 🙂

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