Studying, studying, studying…


The last week and a bit I’ve been seeing a LOT of these books! I’m working hard to put all the information in my brain…now if I could just remember and access it when I need to communicate something to someone. At times it’s overwhelming to think of all I need to learn…so I try not to think about it and keep plugging away. I know it will make sense at some point! I haven’t made it there yet…but I sure can’t wait to get there. The sentence structure of Portuguese is not at all like English…and there are many verb conjugations to learn to just name a couple of things. I’m blessed to have so many people helping me along the way. They really do love any attempt you make to communicate with them…however poorly you do it. Lots of times I just have to say, “Eu nao entendi” or other times somebody will ask me something and my eyes will get really big because I have no idea what they just said! 🙂 This particular thing happened a lot last night as I was out on my own with 5 Brazilians…and no Ruth or Earl to translate for me. They’d just laugh when they’d see my big eyes! I muddled my way through not very well but at least I had fun. Taught them about a “photobomb” or intrusao de foto in Portugues. I sure realized how FAR I have to go yet especially when you’re on the spot to figure out what they’re saying and try to respond!

(Picture caption: One of these things is not like the others!)

Another accomplishment in learning happened tonight: To continue to build my vocabulary I wrote out every word in a kid’s first dictionary…took me a while but I did it. Now I just have to learn and remember them! It’s only 49 pages! 😛


Thank you for all your continued prayers as I study and learn. I love the people here and I just want to be able to communicate with them!

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  1. Dad /

    The LORD will help you! You CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ who give you the ability! Love you lots and pray everyday, several times a day. Dad

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