Let me introduce you to…

Halister, the little boy that I’ve sponsored for the last few years. Isn’t he just the cutest?! This picture was taken the first time I met him. Something I’ve been looking forward to since I knew I was coming to Brazil.

Halister lives in a home with his mother and other siblings. He’s the youngest and will be 6 in December. It’s a sad story as his mother is not very stable and possibly into drugs, so Halister often is neglected. When I hugged him for the first time I could feel how thin he was and my heart just broke. Many times the staff here at the school give him something to eat because he comes with no breakfast. Thankfully he also receives a lunch at school everyday. His father isn’t in the picture at all and is one of a few different men his mother has been with. His mother hasn’t ever bought a new uniform for him, so he just gets the hand-me-downs from the school and often doesn’t have shoes. Meeting him, hearing his story and where he come from I wanted to do something special for him. I wish I could just make things better and change his situation, but I can’t do that. So I decided something I could do was provide him with a new school uniform complete with warm jacket and shoes. Maria, a lady right close to the school here has a little shop and makes all the school uniforms. Ruth taught her to sew at the mission many years ago and now she has her own business sewing clothes and doing tailoring. She still isn’t able to read and write but she has the desire to learn and none of that has stopped her from carrying on. It was a joy to meet her and be able to support her as well. Wonderful to see how after all these years seeds that were planted have made a difference in lives.


Here’s Ruth, Maria (in the center) and her sister in her shop as we were getting Halister fitted for his new clothes. She didn’t have all the right sizes so we had to just place our order and come back a few days later.

IMG_0080My handsome little boy with his new school jacket!

Today I delivered all the clothes and shoes to him. There’s a hint of a smile on his face. He’s a pretty shy little guy…although the second time I came to his classroom to take him to get sized for his new clothes…he came running to give me a hug! Having him come running to wrap his little arms around me will be a moment I cherish for a lifetime!


IMG_0103 (2)

I can only imagine what it’s been like for him…having this strange lady who doesn’t speak your language taking you places and making a fuss over you…then bringing you all these new things. My prayer is that somehow through it all he would know he is loved and cared for…not only by me, but by God who has a plan for his life. I’m truly blessed to be here and spend some time with him and to see how sponsorship is making a difference for children who need it the most. Without sponsorship…who knows if Halister would even be in school and he would probably be going hungry more often.


He has stolen my heart…but really can you blame me!

Would you like to sponsor a child too…and give them hope for a better, brighter future??

Click this link for more information: http://samministries.org/what-we-do/child-sponsorship/ or feel free to contact me if you have questions or what more information. I can get you hooked up!

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  1. Dad /

    Awesome, Janette! Makes me cry too! Just keep on loving him and all the others.
    When we love them, they will begin to understand the love that Jesus has for them.
    Lots of love, Dad

  2. Patti /

    What a beautiful boy! I know that feeling of a child running to hug you – I am so glad you have experienced such a special ‘love’ moment with Halister. Keep up the great work, I am loving your updates!

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