Shall We Dance? – The Ups and Downs of Learning a New Language

These last couple weeks there hasn’t really been anything super exciting or earth shattering to write about…I’ve just been doing this dance I like to call “Learning Portuguese”. I’ve been doing this dance for 7 weeks now and I must admit I’m getting better at it! I’ve learnt some of the basic steps and I’m starting to understand how this dance works.

My new motto for learning Portuguese!
Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha. ~Robert Brault

It has been fun to see my knowledge and understanding of Portuguese grow, but some days I don’t see it. Here’s how the dance goes…some days I feel like I’m really getting somewhere…a step forward! The next day my brain just doesn’t want to register anything and nothing seems to make sense…a step back! So I’ve decided this week…I’m going to call this the Portuguese cha-cha!! If I keep at it eventually I’m going to be an expert…maybe not tomorrow, but one day at a time. I’m continuing to build on what I already know and just because one day things don’t go so good…it doesn’t mean I’ve lost everything I’ve learnt. I’m thankful for all the great “dance partners” I have here…helping me along with some much kindness and patience. I truly am blessed and definitely couldn’t learn as well without them!

Amazing what a change of perspective can do…after all I’ve always want to know how to cha-cha! Now on the days where I’m tired and my brain is exhausted I just need to remember….it’s not a disaster…it’s just another step in this dance I’m learning. With continued practice…I’ll get all the steps down…after all I’ve only been here for 7 weeks and I sure know a lot more than when I came!
Today has been one of those days I need to remind myself of this. I haven’t been feeling well all day…sore throat and body aching all over…so mainly resting and not much studying….kinda feels like a step back. But tomorrow is a new day…and who knows what step I’ll learn then…

Thank you for all your prayers.
Please pray especially for my health. I really don’t want to be sick…I want to be able to maximize this last month I’m here.

Decided a needed a change of scenery as I studied yesterday…so I took the books outside, where I could watch futebol practice and study. I could actually understand what was being said at futebol practice…pretty fun!

These books and I spend a LOT of time together…maybe I should start taking pictures with them everywhere I go! Although I’m sure that would be pretty boring for all of you…

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  1. Carolyn /

    Flicka…I admire your persistence and ability to take a fun approach to learning this new language! God is with you! Keep the smile on your face and a bubble of joy in your heart. We’re pulling for you!! We do pray for renewed health and strength. Love ya, Mom

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