Goodbyes, Hellos and Re-adjusting…the LONG Overdue Update!

Hello everyone! No I didn’t fall off the face of the earth never to be heard from again…although it may have appeared like it. I made it back home to Canada safely on May 30th! As you may remember I got sick a couple days before I left Brazil to fly home on May 29th. When I arrived home, my head cold ended up turning into a sinus infection and since then I’ve felt totally wiped out. I’m very thankful to be feeling a lot better now…not 100% but pretty close.

Now for the catch-up on events since my last post:

My last days in Brazil were filled with saying lots of goodbyes…or maybe a better way to say it is see you next time. The night before I left a bunch of friends came to my little apartment at the mission for a goodbye party. We all crowded in and had a great time. I soaked in all the moments…listening to them talking, telling stories, laughing, taking tons of pictures (the paparazzi was out in full force) and enjoying being together. My heart was so full and of course the emotions were mixed. We ordered pizza because no party is complete without that! I didn’t want the night to end…but finally it did. I gave lots of hugs, cried a few tears but was able to hold it together… at least until everyone left.

I wanted a picture of the whole group…so I set up my auto-timer and here’s the result!


Unfortunately more people came after the picture was taken, but we didn’t get organized to take another group shot…eating pizza was more important!

The next day was more goodbyes…cleaning the apartment…zipping up the suitcases and heading to the airport in Curitiba to begin the 24 hour trip back to Canada. The trip home was a long one especially because I wasn’t feeling well at all. It also had some moments of adventure…like thinking for sure I was going to miss my connection in São Paulo when getting through immigration took me well past my boarding time! I ran to the gate at the far end of the terminal…there was hardly anyone around…I thought “Oh no!”. A few moments later they made an announcement that we would begin boarding our flight as soon as our flight crew arrived…they were still in Immigration! I was very happy to hear that news…and definitely breathed a sigh of relief. The thought of trying to figure out another flight etc wasn’t very appealing, but I didn’t have to worry about it. I also had the wonderful blessing of having a whole row of seats to myself on my two remaining flights…so I was able to stretch out, get up & move around whenever I wanted. I even managed to sleep a little, which isn’t the easiest for me on flights. A little detail that made the trip much more enjoyable.

The best feeling though was when my flight touched down in Edmonton! It felt so good to finally be home…and to know soon I was going to be able to say Hello to friends and family and sleep in my own bed again! My luggage all arrived and finally I could walk through the doors to where my family was waiting!! As hard as it is to say goodbye…it’s so wonderful to say Hello! Some of my friends in Brazil had made me promise to take a picture as soon as I arrived for them…so I did and here it is:


Walked in the door at home and this was there to greet me!


It felt so wonderful to be able to lay down flat and sleep in my own bed that first night home! And enjoy some Brasilian coffee in my Brasil mug when I woke up the next morning…


Re-adjusting to life back in Canada has gone well…aside from being sick and in bed for the better part of two weeks. My brain has definitely enjoyed not having to work so hard to understand and communicate all the time. I’m continuing my Portuguese studies but it not near as tiring when you just do it an hour or two at a time! Its been so good to reconnect with friends and family as I’ve had the energy. I look forward to connecting with a lot more of you in the next couple months. Please contact me if you’d like to get together sometime…I’ve got lots of stories to tell, pictures if you’d like to see some and I’ll even talk a little Portuguese to you too! 🙂

In the next weeks I will be meeting with Dwight, Lynn and some of the SAMM board to make plans in regards to what needs to be in place for me to go to Mozambique and the timing of it all. I will do my best to keep you updated on all the exciting developments!

I appreciate your continued prayer and support as I plan and look ahead to what is next…

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