The Roller Coaster of Adjustment to Change

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” ~Anatole France

I’m so excited to be in Mozambique and settling into life in the bush! One week and a bit down here and it’s been a roller coaster with lots of highs and a few lows. The quote above really says it all…I enjoy change and new adventure but it isn’t always easy. Adjusting to change is something that takes time…and I have time. Already I’m finding more of a rhythm and getting use to things like only having power certain hours of the day.
This week I jumped into the regular schedule at the mission….starting with devotions and organizing the plan for the day at 7am each morning. It was good to be involved in things and begin to get familiar with my new routine.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the week:

Monday and Wednesday is the staff literacy class in the afternoon. The class is divided into two groups – those who know how to read and write at least a little and those who are just learning the alphabet and how to write their letters. I enjoyed helping the group that was practicing their reading. We all took turns reading pages from Grade 4 textbooks and helping each other along the way. It was a great opportunity for me to practice and improve my Portuguese as well. I look forward to seeing them continue to progress and learn.

20140921-155957.jpgCharles taking his turn reading

Tuesday was a long busy day doing business in Chimoio. Chimoio is about an hour away and is the closest centre for banking shopping, etc. I needed to get some more paperwork done for immigration so I can stay here for a year, get a phone and SIM card and most importantly go grocery shopping. Of course there was all the other mission business to do…
Wednesday I had my first visit to the mission school…it was good to be back there and see all their smiling faces. We had some children we needed to take pictures of and some we needed to write thank you letters for their sponsors. It’s always organized chaos when you’re trying to do anything at the school…everyone wants to see what’s going on and be part of it! Of course I stand out there and draw a crowd! I had fun taking pictures and talking in Portuguese with the kids….

20140921-132027.jpgLet’s take a selfie!

20140921-131846.jpgHey little man…

20140921-131833.jpgCheck out the candy wrapper bandana!

20140921-131818.jpgWorking hard on their studies

20140921-204332.jpgMy little shadow…waiting for me to be done talking with the teachers

20140921-204537.jpgThis same little guy is sponsored by one of my friends…and I had presents for him!

Wednesday it was off to one of the women’s literacy classes that meets each week. Lynn and I shared a few words of encouragement and then Jenn gave a health lesson.

20140923-202440.jpgBefore we got to the class the oil light came on, so I got to put all my years of working at the gas station in Niton into practice!

20140923-202732.jpgWonderful scene…women with their babies and children studying and learning to read and write.

20140923-202900.jpg I saw this beautiful burst of color as we were leaving the class

Thursday and Friday I spent working on different things here on the mission base. There is always lots going on and no end of things to do! In the next few weeks we have a couple of teams coming…so we’re busy preparing for them. One of them is the construction team coming to build the bridge for the school. The supplies for the bridge arrived on Thursday and I got to help unload some of the pieces.

20140923-204222.jpgThe first pieces of the bridge off the truck!

20140923-204319.jpgAfter we offloaded all we could by hand…the backhoe did the rest!

Saturday and Sunday were restful and relaxing! It’s generally pretty quiet here on the weekends…and after a busy full week it was exactly what I needed.
Each day I’m adjusting more and finding my place here. I’m thankful to be able to serve the beautiful people of Mozambique.

One item I’d appreciate prayer for is that I will be able to get my DIRE (which is a resident permit to stay in the country for a year). I’ve been trying to submit my application, but there was a problem with one of the documents…so now I’ve been in touch with the Canadian High Commission in Maputo and we are working through getting this sorted out. I have a month to get the application submitted…which is Oct 11th. Thank you all for the words of encouragement you’ve been sending me. I’m thankful for each one..they remind me that I’m not in this alone…I have lots of people supporting me and cheering me on as I continue forward fulfilling my destiny. God has been so faithful and I’m learning to lean on Him in new ways.

I’m going to finish this blog with another picture of an African sunset. Just about every day we go for a walk at 5pm after the work day is done and on our walk we get to see the sun setting. I think I’ve taken a picture of the sunset almost every day…they are breathtakingly beautiful and the picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.


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  1. Patti /

    So great to see you there doing what you were called to do! May God use you in many ways to bless the people of Mozambique and those at the mission base as well.

  2. Cheryl Francis /

    Glad to see that your first full week went well. Blessings to you as you get used to the cultural differences and find your stride among the rhythm of the days and the people there.

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