Happy Thanksgiving!

~Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel. ~Unknown

If you look there’s always something to be thankful for!

It’s exactly one month today since I arrived safely in Mozambique. I’m so thankful to have to privilege to serve here. Life at the mission has lots of challenges and adjustments, but also joys and blessings. You never know what the day will bring! Each day I continue to see God’s mercies and grace extended to me. One of my big personal challenges has been my one year visa application. I’ve been trying to get it sorted out since I arrived. I was finally able to submit the application on Thursday and I have to go back on Monday to see if it’s actually been approved. I have to keep reminding myself to continue to walk each moment in faith and trust.

Already I’ve seen so many examples of this from the Mozambican people …life in the African bush is hard, but in the midst of it you find joy and thanksgiving! I’m blessed by them and also reminded of the verse. “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

So much has been going on here the last couple weeks and there’s lots of things to be thankful for! I want to share with you some pictures of just a few of those things…



20141013-192537.jpgThis bridge was built in one week by a construction team from South Africa along with local Mozambicans…I even helped out a bit on it! Last spring, two of our school children were taken by crocodiles crossing this river which they have to cross to get to school. We shared the need and as a result the “bridge project” came to be! Many people have been involved in a variety of ways…Together this beautiful bridge has been completed. The children and the whole community can now cross the river safely especially when the rainy season comes. Our hearts are filled with THANKSGIVING!

20141011-214625.jpgOne of my favorite moments from last week…enjoying the finished bridge with these boys! Thankful for our partners and teams that come and serve in many areas of the ministry.


Look at these cuties…I love going to the school! I’m thankful they are receiving a good meal every day!


Last week, I drove Pastor Mariano around to do the Widows and Orphans monthly food delivery. A fun adventure for me…driving for the first time since I’ve been in Mozambique…on the wrong side of the road, on crazy African community “roads” and with someone directing me who only speaks Portuguese! I’m happy to say we did great…and all the food got delivered safely! I loved every minute of it…the best part was meeting the people, blessing them with their food for the month and then having a chance to pray with each one. Hearts and lives are being touched by God’s love in practical ways and it’s wonderful to be a small part of it. I’m so thankful for all the people who are faithfully giving so we have the opportunity to provide food for others who may not have it.




Finally I’m thankful for our Mucombeze airport…much nicer to fly one hour than drive on African highways for five hours…and of course, the beautiful African sunsets that highlight the end of another day!
Thanksgiving blessings to each of you!

20141013-193709.jpgPhoto credit for this picture – Andreas Kuret


UPDATE: My visa application was approved today when I went into Immigration in Chimoio! My heart is filled with THANKSGIVING!

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