Time Marches On…

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. ~Larry Lorenzoni

Lots has happened since my last blog post…so I’ll do my best to catch you up! First thing…if you haven’t already guessed from the quote…I had a birthday! It was the second one I’ve got to celebrate in Mozambique (2012 was the first time). Getting older isn’t so bad when you’re doing what you love, surrounded by friends and overwhelmed by love and birthday messages from around the world and people don’t think you’re as old as you actually are by looking at you! We had a nice little celebration complete with cake and noise makers! 20141103-161116.jpgHere I am with my fun birthday headband which I wore all night so everyone remembered who the party was for! On October 26th, Dwight, Lynn and I took the mission plane down to South Africa for the annual maintenance and to do some other business. The most “important” business for me was buying myself a generator, so I can have power whenever I want out in the bush! I really enjoyed making the trip in the plane…last time I was in Mozambique we made the same trip and it took us two days to drive! Definitely quicker and nicer to fly! We flew from the mission to Vilankulos, where we went through customs before heading to Kruger Mpumalanga Airport in South Africa. 20141109-201141.jpg
20141109-201216.jpgVilankulos is absolutely beautiful…and the weather was wonderful. Hot and sunny!
20141109-201834.jpgThen we arrived in South Africa…it was windy, rainy and freezing cold! My teeth were chattering walking from the plane into the terminal. I regretted packing only one pair of long pants with me!
20141109-201231.jpgIt was nice to see all my friends at Mercy Air again. I got to stay with a wonderful couple who live on a game reserve….the view and wildlife sights while sitting on the back veranda were wonderful! Here’s a couple kudu…they were having a shoving match just after I took this picture.
20141109-201340.jpg A day trip to Kruger Park with Roger and Katy was one of the highlights of the trip. It’s fun to drive through the park with your eyes peeled for animals…you never know what might be around the next corner! Of course…there’s always time for a car selfie to record the event.
20141109-201400.jpg We didn’t see any of the cats (lions, cheetahs or leopards) or rhinos, but we saw a whole lot of other animals including my favorites…giraffe!
IMG_0828 Another treat was going for a pedicure at a nice spa. A nice cappuccino and good company made for a very delightful morning.
20141109-201510.jpg The day before we left to fly back home to Mozambique…the real prize arrived! My brand new red Honda generator! Believe me you have never seen a woman so excited to see a generator as I was. The smile on my face says it all. It means I can now have power whenever I want out here in the bush…and just adds to my quality of life here. If I want to stay up a little later one night or do things that require power or internet during the day on the weekends…I can! I’ve already been putting it to good use…and it’s working fabulously!20141109-201539.jpg
Then in the evening when we arrived back at the house where I was staying…the zebras were waiting for us! Such a cool experience to be able to actually touch and pet a zebra. Their noses are so soft and velvety after a few minutes…they decided they’d had enough of us and moved on, but not before we got some blurry pictures with my cell phone.20141109-201557.jpg Selfie with a zebra! He was trying to eat my phone as I was taking this picture…Crazy!
The next day it was time to say good bye and head for home! We had a very successful trip…getting the plane maintenance done, picking up supplies for crafts for the children’s program we are running next week at the mission school and all the other odds and ends. Of course, all of the wonderful people at Mercy Air (one of our mission partners) made the trip so enjoyable. I was blessed to get to spend time with them and get to know them better. I’ve picked up some more adopted parents along the way too! Here I am with my “Africa” parents…they took very good care of me and I had a wonderful time staying at their home.20141109-201626.jpg
All loaded and ready for the flight home!20141109-201700.jpg
Flying above a blanket of fluffy white clouds…20141109-201732.jpg
Dwight, the pilot pretending he was heading somewhere tropical!20141109-201753.jpg
Since we’ve got back it’s been busy…getting back into the swing of things. This past week, I was sharing at morning devotions for all the staff, getting caught up on all the finance stuff, doing evaluations of all the Grade 5 students at the school and preparing the crafts for the VBS children’s program at the school next week. We’re talking about the armor of God. Here’s a sample…photo

Please keep us in your prayers this week as we have this amazing opportunity to share God’s love with the children at the school. These are a good majority of the children in the Sponsorship Program…so I’m looking forward to a fun week with games, Bible teaching/stories, puppets, music and dancing, prizes, crafts and most importantly a chance to build relationships with them!
We are also having the bridge opening celebration on Thursday afternoon and the school closing awards and celebration on Friday, so it’s going to be another full week!

Thank you each one for your continued prayers, encouragement and support. I love hearing from you…and when I get your messages, emails, etc…you don’t feel so far away!

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  1. Shannon Payne /

    Hey Girl!

    So good to see you having a great time! Belated Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Just thought I’d let you know your on my mind and in my prayers!


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