Lychee Day!

Catching you up on some of the other happenings in the past month…since I’ve been too busy to do it before.

Here at the mission farm we have 354 lychee trees…I know because I asked today. Since I got here in September I have been watching those trees…just waiting for the lychees to be ready! In November finally they were ready…and we put the signs out at the main road saying we had lychees for sale. I made sure I bought some right away…I also started taking more walks through the lychee orchard in the evening just to have a few.

We were blessed this year to have a guy come and want to buy a tonne from us. It meant a very early 4:00 AM start for a lot of our workers, Andy (our main agriculture guy) and Jenn who braved the early morning to join the “fun”. They began the process of harvesting them. At 7:00 AM when I arrived for devotions…I wondered why in the world basically no one was there. That’s when I found out everyone was harvesting lychees…well that I was a party I couldn’t miss so after devotions I joined the crew who was sitting under a big tree sorting them. We worked all day not even stopping for lunch…and finally around 4:00 PM we had a tonne loaded on the truck! It was a LOT of work…work is always more fun when you can do it together. There was lots of joking and laughing as we worked that day…and of course eating as many lychees as we wanted to!

lychees and my feet Keeping my toes up so the ants wouldn’t crawl on them!

IMG_4641 A BIG pile of lychees

Lychees me and Meque Meque showed me the ropes and made sure I was doing it right

IMG_4640 Two of the grannies from our Widows and Orphans program helping out

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