Hello 2015!


Happy belated New Year everyone! It’s hard to believe the last day of the first month of the year. The quote above is something I’ve been thinking of at the start of this new year. It’s reminded me to once again…live each day to the fullest. What kind of book are you going to write this year??

I really enjoyed my first African Christmas which was filled with unique experiences. Unlike my “normal” white Canadian Christmas…this one was hot, humid and green, but that wasn’t the only thing different. On Christmas Eve, our late afternoon adventure was taking a hike up to the Rock here at the farm. It’s the best place to watch beautiful African sunsets and if it wasn’t such a long hike I’d go there way more often. We hiked up, watched the sunset and then the storm rolled in! I’m talking a tropical torrential downpour…we got about half way back to the truck before we got caught. Needless to say we were drenched by the time we made it to the truck. I never experienced that on Christmas Eve before! After proper showers and dry clothes, we enjoyed a wonderful ham and homemade perogie dinner and hanging out together.

Here’s a couple shots from the Rock…I never get tired of the view.
IMG_0922 IMG_0925

Christmas Day started with a nice breakfast with Jenn…then Andy picked us up and we went to visit some of our workers in the community. When you visit in the community you end up going from one house to another and at every house they want to feed you. So after having breakfast at 9 AM, we then had 4 meals between 10:30-3 PM and even though you tell them only a little bit…their idea of a little isn’t the same as mine! I was ready to burst and didn’t want to see another spaghetti noodle for a LONG time. I enjoyed visiting and just spending time out in the community with the Mozambican people. They love having visitors and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. It was truly a unique Christmas experience! After our time in the community, we decided we needed to burn off some calories and so it was another hike to the Rock. We had to make room for turkey supper! I can confidently say I’ve never eaten 6 meals in one day in my life. At least I was controlling the portion sizes for the turkey dinner!
Here we are…hot, sweaty and a bit sunburnt, but enjoying our Christmas adventures!

Partners in crime/adventure/bush life…so thankful for Jenn. Really going to miss her when she goes back to Canada in April.

Spending time together with the mission team and with people in the community definitely made my Christmas.
One of my Christmas traditions is to do a puzzle and thankfully Lynn had one for me to do! I spent quite a few hours relaxing and working on the puzzle throughout the holiday.

The finished product!


Boxing Day brought a whole other “adventure”…malaria! I felt horrible…I can definitely tell you malaria is no joke. Thankfully I have great nurses out here. They got me started on treatment right away and Jenn even came to give me a Gravol injection in the middle of the night. I was pretty wiped out for a couple weeks…but I recovered. Dwight said I’ve now had my official right of passage to Africa. At least been sick over the holidays allowed me to lay in bed and not worry about all the things I should be doing.

The New Year has been a little less adventurous…thankfully! January 6th brought a return of the regular work schedule…and it was back into the full swing of things. The last few weeks have been looking ahead and planning for this coming year…Goals, Objectives and Budgets. I’m excited for what this new year will bring.

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