It’s Official…

I finally have the little plastic card to prove I’m a resident of Mozambique for a year! After all the hassles getting my application in it was quite wonderful to receive my official DIRE (Documento de Identificação e Residência para Estrangeiros). It also means I don’t have to just carry around a piece of paper with my passport to prove I can be in the country. Hooray!!


Today also marks 5 months in Mozambique for me! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by…I can’t remember what my old “normal” use to be. The new “normal” is so totally different but I’m loving it. School started here this week…so I’ve been busy with prep for that and meetings with parents, teachers, students and the rest of the mission education team to get everything in place for our external sponsorship students and discuss our plans for the year. Very busy times…with lots to organize and many exciting developments happening!

Stay tuned for my next post…in the meantime here’s a couple pictures from one of the meetings at the school.



If you’re still reading…here’s the link to our latest mission newsletter…I even wrote one of the articles!
SAM Ministries newsletter January 2015

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