• Celebrating Worker’s Day – May 1st

    Worker’s Day is the same as Labour Day in Canada…and here in Mozambique on holidays people like to get together for a festa (party)! This typically involves…food, loud music, hanging out together and of course, dancing! Joao (our Mozabican missionary) hosted a small party with some of our workers to celebrate the holiday. I’m always up for a festa so I joined in…for the festa part…I let all the guys do the work and cooking! 🙂 Okay…so I did help out a little. It was fun to just spend time with them listening to their stories (I’m so happy to know enough Portuguese to understand the conversation), joking around, eating good food, dancing, and then schooling them in badminton! We played workers against me and my sponsor students…they didn’t win a game against us. A very memorable and fun day!

    The chicken plucking crew…I was very happy to avoid that!


    Cooking a BIG pot of rice for just 10 people!


    Nezi & Portasio, older students in the sponsorship program…doing dishes


    Amadeu enjoying the festa!


    Tea, bread & butter for the appetizer…Hey Camilo!


    This picture makes me smile…One of these things is not like the others!! 🙂


  • Christmas in March 3 Times Over…and a Visit from a Friend!

    March was a wonderful month for me! I made a quick trip down to South Africa again with Dwight and Lynn to shoot some video footage for a promotions video for our child sponsorship program. I was excited to be able to go for a whole different reason…FINALLY getting my Christmas parcel sent by my family in October. The parcel had quite the journey…coming through a postal strike in South Africa, then having to track it down because my mom put the wrong address on it, calling the post office in Nelspruit on Skype, where it had been sitting for a whole month…telling them to please not send it back and finally having a friend from South Africa go and pick it up for me! Needless to say I was VERY excited to get it…the first thing I did when we got to Mercy Air was ask where it was! My friend, Anne went with me right away to the office to pick it up… 

    I’ve never been so happy to see a box covered with duct tape!


    A whole lot of fun surprises in one box!


     Less than a week later, my friend Robbyn came as part of a SAM Ministries board visit and brought at least half a suitcase of presents for me! Talk about being doubly blessed…a friend and presents. It was so much fun having company in my little Bushbabe cottage for almost four weeks and introducing her to life in the Mozambique bush. 



    Christmas #2

    The third Christmas arrived only a few days later when my missionary colleagues, Rick and Heather Neufeld arrived back in the bush after being on furlough in Canada. My wonderful mother had sent another package with them! Lots more goodies…which I forgot to take a picture of. 

    All of these things made for a memorable and abundantly blessed March for me…one of my favorite moments though was being able to introduce Robbyn to her little sponsor girl, Sarudzai.  It was another reminder for me of why I love my “job” and a beautiful moment when the two sides of the sponsorship program have a chance to meet.


    All to soon April 8th arrived time to say good bye…Robbyn got in the little mission plane at our bush airstrip and began her journey back to Canada. Goodbyes are so hard but I’m thankful to have a friend who now has a first hand understanding of what my life is like out here in the bush.  

    Smiles on our faces, but the sunglasses were hiding the tears


    Making friends with Amigo , the baboon! #lifeinthebush